Samantha is the lead actress in the Tollywood film Shaakuntalam. The global premiere of this film is scheduled on February 17. Gunasekhar is the director of the movie. Everyone may understand why Gunasekhar would have chosen to screen a mythical love story like Shaakuntalam since he strives to capture every frame of the picture.

Samantha Shaakuntalam Saree Jewelry Price
In the movie Shaakuntalam, Neeta Lulla worked as Samantha’s stylist. The jewelry used in Samantha’s Shaakuntalam movie was designed by Neha Anumolu. Authentic jewelry has been used for naturalness and to highlight the elegance of a princess.

The actual cost of the jewelry is Rs. 3 crores. Vasundhara Diamond Roof is the sponsor of this jewelry. Samantha’s saree in this movie is embellished with real pearls. Samantha took part in the shooting while donning this 30 kg saree for seven days.

Samantha Shaakuntalam Saree Jewelry Price

In this film, Samantha played Shakuntala, and Malayalam actor Dev Mohan portrayed Dushyanta Maharaj. The movie was produced by Neelima Guna under Dil Raju’s banner. This visual wonder movie uses advanced 3D technology to create an incredible experience. The character “Bharatha” was played by Allu Arha in this film. The Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi versions of this film will all be released.
For this film, Melody Brahma Mani Sharma composed the music. The audience has high expectations for this film.

All the best Team Shaakuntalam…!! 

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