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Saree can bring out elegance, attitude, simplicity, personification. And this picture is an example of it. A red saree is definitely one of the collections in every woman’s closet. every woman owns this color no matter what!  The color which brings out the fierceness in her. And the different fabrics across the country bring versatility and significance in this color. Red itself is a FORCE and the same when worn as Saree, the Goddess in her is reflected along.

Though we all know saree was an outdated fashion year back and it came to light with trend off late by many saree bloggers. So I clicked this pic with the sunglasses to let the women know out there, Saree can be styled Classy, Chic and bring out the westernish look too! The oomph factor can be bought in Saree too. It all depends how you style up and work your brains. That’s why the Saree is a unique and multi styling garment.

Saree has been a regular office wear like any other office attire. This picture was clicked while at the office. It’s all about the selection & styling patterns of colors and fabric and there you go! You can wear a saree to the office. There are many corporate women who own Sarees and style like a Boss. Saree has become one of the professional attire these days with Women styling it in multitudes.  of ways. . Women are coming up with new styles every day.

It is not a simple Sari that is to be worn for simple times. Women can wear it for any occasion and any event. . It can be worn for any occasion and any event. . The sari is designed for whichever occasion that the woman wears it for. There are varieties in the kinds of saris that are available in the market. Some are designed for simple and some are designed for special occasions, festivals and events . For example, there is a bridal sari that is used for weddings.

The process of choosing the bridal sari is as follows,

The bride’s mother or a near relative will first select a sari for the bride. Then, when the bride sees the sari, she will either decide to accept or reject the sari. In case she rejects it, the family will try to convince her and if unable to do so, they will select a new set of saris. If the bride accepts the sari selected, the woman will try out the sari and the jewelry will be tried out. This is followed by taking the sari to the tailor for stitching and the jewelry to the goldsmith for the final touches. Finally, the bride’s “Mehndi” or henna decoration is done, with the final rituals of dressing and make-up taking place, and finally the bridegroom’s relatives arrive at the bride’s house and “seek” or “give” the bride away. The father of the bride takes her hand and leads her to her husband in the “Baraat”, the groomed procession of relatives, friends and others carrying gifts, who will then accompany them to the bridegroom’s house.

Veena Ruban

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