Shirley Setia: Shining in blue saree! Guess the price ?

Actress Shirley Sethia was introduced to the Telugu audience with the movie ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’. New Zealand singer, She is showing diversity not only in her songs but also in fashion. 

Sangeeta Buchra Jewels
is a brand inspired by the traditional jewelery of Rajasthan. This brand is specialized in silver jewellery. Originally this business was started by Seth Kastur Chand Buchra in Jaipur in 1897. Due to the quality of jewelery and designs, he continued to do this successfully for almost decades.. He became popular as ‘The Silver King of India’.

Later that business was continued by his family as well. But in 1994, Sangeetha, the heiress of the family, transformed the business into a brand named ‘Sangeetha Buchra’. Value increased. Affordable prices.. Jewelery online!

Sonam Luthria….. Sonam Luthria
is a fashion design graduate from Essentity University, Mumbai..

She is second to none in designing Indian wear with creative off-beat fusion wear, beautiful drapes, unconventional cuts, hand embroidered patterns as per the customer’s taste! Everyone from kids to adults can find clothes here. Design can also be done after giving an order. Available online.

Brand Value
Saree Brand: Sonam Luthria
Price: Rs. 36,000

Brand: Sangeeta Buchra Jewels
Price: Rs. 15,000

Happy to see the compliments!
“I joined the New York Film Academy with the desire to become an actress. But destiny decided that I should become a singer. I am happy to see the audience’s appreciation for my songs!” –   Shirley Sethia 

-Deepika Kondi (

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