How to Style a Jamdani Saree in Traditional Bengali Style: Inspired by Debina Bonnerjee

Styling a Jamdani saree in the traditional Bengali way can elevate your look to a timeless classic, and no one exemplifies this better than Debina Bonnerjee. Recently, she stunned in a beautifully woven Jamdani saree, paired with a striking red traditional blouse. The Jamdani saree, known for its intricate patterns and lightweight fabric, drapes elegantly, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bengal.

To achieve this look, start by choosing a Jamdani saree with traditional motifs. The red blouse, a staple in Bengali attire, complements the saree perfectly and adds an element of auspiciousness and elegance. The draping style is crucial; the Bengali drape involves pleating the saree at the front and wrapping it around the body with the pallu draped over the left shoulder, often creating a fan-like display that adds volume and grace.


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Accessorizing is key to completing the look. Debina opted for a sophisticated bun hairdo, which not only looks elegant but also keeps the focus on the saree and jewelry. The sindoor (vermillion) along the parting of the hair is a traditional Bengali symbol of marital status and adds a touch of authenticity. A long tribal necklace with a Maa Durga pendant added a spiritual and cultural significance to her ensemble.

While Debina’s look was almost perfect, adding Shakha Pola bangles could have made it even more authentic. These white and red bangles are traditionally worn by married Bengali women and are a beautiful way to complete the ensemble. With these elements, you can effortlessly recreate this stunning Bengali style, embracing the grace and tradition of the Jamdani saree.

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