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My passion for Indian culture and heritage, which dates back to my early years, is what inspired me to wear sarees. As we become older, we frequently abandon our basic principles in favor of what our generation refers to as the “New Cool”. and start doing or wearing things that make us uncomfortable. Even though I had always been drawn to a variety of trendy clothes, as I got older I realized how much I really loved everything “desi”. I started to like dressing in a slightly traditional Indian manner and being trendy.


The saree, which I always considered to be the most fashionable and in-vogue item of clothing, is a minimum 6-yard saree woven with gorgeous textiles, originally from various regions of India, and created using a variety of regional art techniques.

In order to symbolize a mix of Indian culture with western fashion, I brought various saree draping styles that are seen in my photographs, along with jeans and a top. I bring forth a real Indian elegance and India’s vivid and most civilized attire by pairing my various saree fabrics with handcrafted and ethnic tops.

 I was truly inspired by the way Indian women, like my mother and grandmothers, handled everything while managing their children and household chores while wearing a 6-yard saree. I also wondered how comfortable it could possibly be until I wore my mother’s silk saree for the first time while sporting an Indian look by pairing it with traditional Indian jewelry. 

There isn’t a specific type of fabric that I adore when it comes to wearing sarees, but the one that draws me in the most is Indian art silk that has been dyed in vibrant Indian colors and weaved with golden zari. I recently wore a red Banarsi silk saree with gold zari thread work and a large pallu.

 I showed a beautiful Maharashtrian cultural elegance in my Paithani silk 9-yard saree with an exquisite zari border styling in nauvari look while competing in the “Miss India” national costume round. For my gracious Indian look, I was chosen as “Miss Diva 2022”. 


In particular, I was greatly praised for my Indian graceful appearance by larger corporate officials visiting from different countries abroad and serving as an inspiration for sarees when I proudly wore my Chanderi silk hand-painted saree with art design during my office corporate meetings and parties. 

Kanjeevaram silk is one of the reasons I fell in love with sarees because of its exquisite temple designs, floral Buttas, and stripes mixed with a blend of colors. A single vibrant color saree weaved with three silk threads and twisted with gold and silver wire just compels me to present myself in a mesmerizing Indian look during weddings and home functions.

My Mysore royal silk saree, which is simple and has borders with elaborate gold and silver zari work, constantly draws me to wear it while working.


 A must-have item in my wardrobe is my Kosa silk collection, a Tussar silk variation from the state of Chattisgarh that is made from Indian silkworm and cocoon and prized for its softness and purity.

I still have 30 more regional Indian saree variants to discover, ranging from 6 to 9 yards, and I’m excited to design them in a distinctive, ethnic fashion that is still luxurious and exquisite as part of my never-ending quest and passion for sarees.

Richa Kesharwani


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