My love saga for ethnic saree wear started in AP south India and continues here in the US. I feel nothing makes a Desi woman more beautiful than carrying a saree in a dignified and elegant manner. As I received a lot of compliments if I adorn in saree compared to any other western wear. Though I may sound a little biased with my obsession with saree, I truly feel that south Asian facial lady features can magnify well in ethnic saree wear. Last year when I participated in a beauty contest I proudly wore a multi-color saree embellished with small sequins. Accessorized my saree with a metallic belt across my waist while doing a fashion ramp walk as part of the contest’s selection round.

I am proud to say I am a shopaholic :), as I like pampering myself with stuff I adore. Especially during Covid’s gloomy lockdown phase-I couldn’t travel to India for a few years. My mother and sister tried to ship a few sarees for me in between, still, I was passionate to browse online to buy more sarees to treat myself. No matter what people may judge reading this, personally, this is something that always makes me happy. After all, it’s a form of self-love that’s cheerful. A typical Asian women’s mentality is to please her family by stretching her runtime schedule around the clock. In this whole marathon run, they forget to please themselves within their financial liberties. I strongly advocate that every woman dedicate some time to self-love, whether it can be learning a new hobby or little shopping that we can afford, we shouldn’t hesitate in treating ourselves with small pleasantries.

Coming to my personal choices in picking saree I have few preferences to categorize. Anything in bright color shades or pastel palette colors attracts me first, secondary aspect if it’s of any beautiful embellished embroidery or mirror work then it will definitely steal all my attention.

Of course, in recent years I learned better sense in picking the right fabrics and became wise in choosing the right colors that I can explore or opt for. I also gift sarees to my friends and relatives on special occasions. Gifts hand picking is something I cherish, it’s even more gratifying if they wear my gifted saree and send me back those pictures. I cherish and save them as memories for a lifetime. I am heading to India in a few days after four years of long gap. I am excited to shop for the latest trendy sarees in person, Kyunki yeh dil maange more 🙂

Madhu Sakam
Mrs South Asia world Elite beauty contest runner up

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  1. Really very pretty to see u in the pics. By reading ur msg feeling really very proud of u.

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