In a heartwarming celebration of new beginnings, the NRI family of Ranga Reddy and Manjula embarked on their exciting journey as they inaugurated their dream home in the picturesque town of Holly Springs, North Carolina. The housewarming ceremony was a beautiful fusion of traditional South Indian customs and modern elegance, showcasing their deep-rooted cultural values in a foreign land.

NRI House Warming - Ranga Reddy & Manju - North Carolina

Attires that Inspired and Trended:
One of the highlights of the event was the family’s exquisite choice of attires, setting the stage for a trend in South Indian events. Manjula, the radiant lady of the hour, adorned two stunning saree looks. Before the auspicious pooja ceremony, she captivated everyone in a golden yellow Kanchipuram Pattu saree with purple accents. The purple blouse featured intricate design work on the sleeves and neckline, adding a touch of regal charm. Her traditional braided hairstyle adorned with jasmine flowers and hair jewelry exuded timeless elegance, while Indian gold jewelry, including necklaces, vaddanam, and maang-tikka, added to her resplendent look.

NRI House Warming - Ranga Reddy & Manju - North Carolina

For the second part of the event, the pooja, Manjula chose a beautiful pink Kanchipuram saree with red and golden zari borders, paired with a red blouse featuring golden zari sleeves and stunning design work. Her accessories and makeup continued to make a statement, showcasing her impeccable style.

The couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Kinmaya, looked adorable in her georgette half saree with dual shades of yellow and purple, beautifully complementing her mother. She twinned with her mom in silver jewelry, including vaddanam, maang-tikka, and thread bangles.

NRI House Warming - Ranga Reddy & Manju - North Carolina

The enchanting half sarees worn by Kinmaya were custom-designed by ‘Ira_S_Collections‘ while Manjula’s sarees were carefully selected from ‘Pattu Sarees by Sai‘ & the ethnic jewelry is from ‘Khanna Sons Jewellers‘. The entire moment was carefully captured by Lences of ‘3 Eye Photography – USA.

NRI House Warming - Ranga Reddy & Manju - North Carolina

Traditional Grandeur:
Ranga Reddy’s mom also radiated traditional charm, wearing sarees that harmonized with both Manjula and Kinmaya. She opted for a traditional Kanchi Pattu saree, accentuating the family’s adherence to their South Indian roots.

The Men of the Hour:
Ranga Reddy and his cute son, Krithin, embraced authentic South Indian attire. Their first look featured purple kurtas paired with golden dhotis, reflecting their cultural pride. For the second part of the event, they donned traditional pattu panchas, completing the perfect South Indian family portrait.

The Decor and Celebration:
The housewarming celebration was a feast for the eyes, with vibrant decorations that included traditional rangoli designs, marigold garlands, and mango leaves adorning the entrance, symbolizing prosperity and auspicious beginnings. Guests were treated to a sumptuous South Indian feast featuring a delectable array of dishes, and traditional music and dance performances added a cultural touch to the festivities.

This South Indian traditional-styled housewarming was not just a ceremony; it was a celebration of love, unity, and the preservation of rich cultural heritage in a foreign land. It was a testament to the idea that, no matter where life takes you, your roots and traditions are an essential part of your identity, and they can be celebrated and cherished wherever you go.

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