The word organzine, which describes the method of twisting silk fibres to create threads, is from which the name organza originally started. Although the name organzine is derived from Urgang in Turkestan, which was the location of one of the most well-known silk markets on the Silk Road, despite the fact that silk originated in China. The largest producer and exporter of organza currently is China. It has recently established itself as a trend-setter by gaining the support of fashion designers, the best-dressed Bollywood stars, and well-known fashion influencers.


Tips to style organza saree-

1) Leave the pallu dangling free over the shoulder rather than pinning them up or folding them.
2) After washing, never hang an organza saree. Don’t keep it in Sunlight.
3) Avoid loud colours and opt for pastel and dark shades as they look ethereal in the organza fabric.
4) Keep the saree as a star by pairing it with classic multi-layered pearl choker that will add the perfect touch to any shade of organza like whites or pastels
5) Style it with velvet blouse or crop top so left with tones of options to mix and match accessories.


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Nabha Natesh elegance in Organza Saree | Hand-embroidered Gota



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