Saree Look with Updo Inspired by Sadhus and Gabriella Sellus

This hairstyle combines the spiritual vibes of Indian sadhus with the glamour of Gabriella Sellus, creating a stylish statement for your saree look.


  • Hair elastics

  • Bobby pins

  • Hairspray (optional)



  1. Half-Bun: Divide your hair horizontally into two sections. The top section should be thicker for the bun and the bottom section for loose waves. Secure the bottom section with a hair elastic.

  2. Create the Bun: Gather the top section of hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Loosen the bun slightly for a more relaxed look.

  3. Waves and Texture: With the hair remaining loose, create soft waves using a curling iron or braiding. Alternatively, you can braid the bottom section while your hair is damp and let it dry naturally for a wavy texture.

  4. Accessorize (Optional): For an extra touch of style, you can incorporate hair accessories like jasmine flowers or embellished bobby pins.


Styling with Saree:

  • Color Coordination: Take inspiration from Gabriella Sellus and pair a vibrant saree with a contrasting sleeveless top. The yellow saree with pink top combination is a great example, but you can choose colors that suit your taste.

  • Saree Draping: Opt for a draping style that complements the updo. A pallu style that flows over one shoulder can beautifully cascade down next to your loose waves.

  • Makeup: Gabriella’s look keeps the makeup simple. You can recreate this or add bolder makeup depending on the occasion.



  • Apply hairspray for a polished look, especially if you have loose hair or live in a humid climate.

  • Ensure the bun is secure but not too tight to avoid discomfort.

  • Practice the updo beforehand to achieve a neat and stylish look.

By combining the spiritual essence of the sadhu-inspired bun with the glamorous touches of Gabriella Sellus’s style, you can create a unique and stylish statement for your saree look.

Source: Instagram

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