Suitable Sarees for healthy ladies

With love and credits to : Ajanta

Never think you are too healthy/thin.

Never think that wearing sarees will have physical requirements. Saree is that type of clothes which can suit to any Women (Of course, now a days Men also).

It is recommended to wear the light weighted saree which would be more comfortable for a healthy lady..

Georgette Saree

  1. Silk Saree
  2. Chanderi Saree
  3. Chiffon Saree
  4. Pure Silk Saree
  5. Synthetic Saree
  6. Tasar Silk Saree
  7. Ghicha Silk Saree
  8. Handloom Saree

The dark color you should choose for that purpose & have light ornaments with it.
Suggestion: Have some vertical stripe sarees that will help you to look tall & healthy but not “fat lady”.

Just enjoy your fashion without any hesitation 🙂

(Few more suggestion from Raakhee Menon got upvoted)

Avoid LOUD patterns.
No enormous paisleys.
No enormous roses. No over sized geometric patterns. No horizontal stripes!
If the sari is opaque, it’s best to avoid wearing the pallu in ‘floating’ style.
No Gujarati style please! Unless it is totally unavoidable, that is. This is a rather unflattering way of the wearing the sari, especially for a healthy lady.

There is absolutely no hint of the body shape from the front and this makes the wearer appear to look bigger than she actually is. There is only a slight view of the midriff from the side and from the backside, and this is also sometimes completely covered up. And if you have a rear you are not too proud of, you’d not want unwanted attention to those areas either. The Gujarati style looks stunning on a normal sized woman who has a pretty waist to show off. And this is the best way to show off those elaborate zari works.

But then you’ve gotta decide if you would flaunt your zardosi or your best overall look.

Chiffon or Georgette sarees are the perfect match for curvy shape as they would stick to the body and enhance its natural curves.These fabric will help you look slim and glamorous and give you a well-fitted and head-turning look. It is always recommended to to choose dark colors and prints as they will give curvier women slim and beautiful look.

Stick to simple blouses. Plain silk blouses are the best! Keep the sleeves to just above the elbow…sleeves that are too short or too long are highly likely to make you look…umm…huge!

If the sari is gaudy, the blouse has to be toned down. There is a likelihood of the wearer looking extra-large if they wear a gaudy sari and an equally gaudy blouse.

If you are putting shoulder pleats, make sure the pleats aren’t any broader than the width of one full palm of your right hand…the entire width from the left edge of your thumb to the right edge of your little finger. You could take this as an unspoken rule of thumb. Never fails. Don’t make the edge of the sari droop over your shoulder.

Try to make a few broad pleats in the front, so that the part you tuck in does not add to the size of your waist.
Undeclared fact. Your feet WILL BE noticed. Especially since they do the continuous hide-n-seek act. Try to wear heels if you’re okay in them. The beauty of the sari is enhanced if the wearer has a graceful gait. Call it magical but I find my gait becoming very feminine the moment I am in my high heels.
And always remember to wear your footwear before you wear the sari. This helps in getting the length right. You don’t want to look like you’re dressed to face the floods with an ankle high sari. And adjusting the height afterwards is a pain. I get scared that the sari would just tumble down from the waist with all that tugging and pulling!
Choose dark colors and stay far away from whites and off-whites. Dark colors seem to confuse the beholders about the size of the person wearing the sari.
Prefer to stay away from stiffly starched cotton and Georgette saris.
Prefer to wear saris that are flowy and easy to manage.
Prefer wearing light silks and thick chiffon for regular wear.
Happy Sareeing….!!!

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